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guiltiest of guilty pleasures


if i had to compile a list of embarrassing things i do and/or like, mild olsen twin fascination would be quite high up on the list.
please don't judge me.

i really like the clothes from their fashion line, elizabeth and james.....

elizabeth and james

elizabeth and james - by krista.astrik on

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today is still snowy (and freezing!) and i am sub consciously always on the look out for the first flower buds of spring. pictures will have to suffice until then.
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♥ swoon ♥

lovely dresses from sarahseven. so pretty, so girly and so sophisticated.


i love the idea of lace fence and wouldn't new york (montreal as well, come to think of it) be so lovely with crafty metalwork such as this?
concept by dutch design team Demakersvan. so far, the only place these will be seen is in india.

i think it's really neat how the dutch always mash up the industrial and craftiness!

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ikea ikea ikea

i love how this company can make me adore ikea a little more-now i can play dress up with my furniture!so great; GRIPPIKS surface accents use a clever new film that grips to surfaces via micro suction, not sticky adhesive. so they can be effortlessly positioned, repositioned, and removed.

you pick which furniture you want make pretty and the accents arrive pre-cut to fit the precise dimensions of some of IKEA’s most popular items – BILLY, BENNO, EXPEDIT, and EFFEKTIV storage solutions, LACK tables, and MALM drawers.

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mon coeur est ton coeur

today, like every other day, i am severely, sensationally, so much in love.
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Friday before zzzzzaturday

i am elated that today is friday, more so than the end to any other week, and don't know why....

i am loving this font, did i ever mention i collect font pages in my bookmarks?

been thinking a lot about cottages and how i would love to have one to eascape to; here's an ultra modern/simple one that suits me just fine.

logo design is neat.

have a splendid and more importantly, restful weekend. xo

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i die.

lizzie fortunato is new to me and i likes.
the braided ones remind me of a bracelet mr. f bought for me on a trip to vermont....aaaanyways, i think they're stylish and fresh for spring.
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rob shields

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