coco avant chanel

i haven't seen this movie yet, but i know i will adore it.


a monday giggle

ok, found these photos from powerpig's flickr stream and they made me laugh a little at first but then i was hurting. i love star wars, but mose of all i love playing lego star wars on the wii. i know, geek! but that's what made these pictures funnier to me, sorry of you don't find them as amusing.
"let's be friends"
"vader's angels"
"balanced breakfast"
"worst. copilot. ever."
i also have a thing for indiana jones in lego form, so this was cute as well. and how about this chipmunk stealing the show in the photo, what a jerk!
//images via flickr//


dream home

i think this tsao & mckown designed/renovated home is simply the most perfect place for me. my favorite part is the kitchen, of course.
i want to go to there.... 

puerto rico

stunning vintage puerto rican posters.
{images via puerto rican posters}


the best trip down memory lane

this album alone brings back all best feelings of being 16. 
smashing pumpkins-greatest hits

(I will be smiling listening to it the whole walk to work tomorrow.)

mon dieu

these atelier eva juliet prints are so sweet.
{via decor8}

loves {luphia loves}

so i've been following uber cute blogger luphia loves in my google reader for quite some time and finally had a chance to check out her online boutique....wowza. luv luv luv.

gotta have

i have been shopping up a storm lately and can't help but give in to temptation when things are on sale! i'm wanting all sorts of things but am also trying to keep to the basics and figuring out what key pieces are important and only focusing on those.

here are some of my summer/fall must haves:

i looooove jewellery (it is the main focus my job, after all) so starting off my list is big rings and a kick ass statement necklace.

YSL rings, can't get enough. they're big, gaudy and gorgeous. yummers. i love this ring from kara by kara ross. so sublime, perfect for every occasion.
necklaces are always a staple, and statement pieces always come back in style so go big or go home. this missoni necklace is so perfect, i wouldn't need to wear any other accessory, just jeans and a black t-shirt.

ok, summer is here after all but i'm starting to think towards fall because this summer has been such a huge let down. for jeebus' sake, it even smells like fall!
so, i think this DVF coat is perfect for my fall plans of apple picking and fall walks through central park (it might happen).and this rebecca taylor sweater would be perfect for right now seeing as how it's so cold at night here. :( but i do love cozying up over sweating it out on a muggy evening so maybe it's for the best.
these miu miu boots are just the shiz so they're just a necessity.

ok, so there you have it. my must haves, for fall. hmph, summer shopping isn't too exciting for me lately because like i said, it's been a bummer.

back with a vegence!

hello my lovelies, if you're still there.

i took a bit of a nap from blogging because i thought it was something that maybe wasn't as vital to my creativity as I have now discovered it is. i roam the web a lot and am so inspired and i've learned that by sharing what interests me, it gives me ideas and makes me want to do stuff. anyways, this may not be as coherent as I would like it to be but, i'm back bitches!

oh, and good morning :)

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