i'll be away on vacation for the next week, yay! we're heading south to soak up some sun and get our snorkel on. enjoy your week end though and hope the weather is nice wherever you are.


{let it be known, "anonymous", it breaks my heart that you will not be with us on this trip :( perhaps we need to start some planning for the very near future...}


cute overload

ok, obviously my my blog life was not complete; i only just realized this after i found the blog, cute overload through martha's blog. i love animals, so much so that i do not have any....doesn't make sense does it? i had the most wonderful and adorable guinea pig, isobel, and when she passed, i was so distraught. i get very emotional over animals so until someone discovers how to make pets live forever and be healthy, i will be on this site loving the cute animals i see. :)

this is what isobel used to look like as well when i gave her the dreaded bath.

"no, fer reals?!"

i love red pandas :)


joyeux anniversaire à moi!

it's my b-day tomorrow so i'm thinking this will be a lovely weekend. enjoy yours as well. :){photo via 20X200}


these are some pictures i took on my way to work quite a few days ago. it was such a nice day that morning and the sun made everything come alive, then everything got cold and plants and flowers started dying :( i do love fall for the crisp sunny days and the lovely colours, i just miss the bright warm feelings of summer more.


i ♥ cupcakes

I am seriously craving one of these right now. I love cupcakes, they have to be the one thing that I could eat morning noon and night. I dig the spider ones, they really getting me thinking about my halloween costume, I still haven't decided what to be....
{these get me so excited for halloween!!!!!}

{yummy photos via flickr}

time for make over

Cup of Joe posted about this really cute family's apartment that was featured on The Selby, a neat showcase of painfully chic and wonderful homes. I found myself wandering aimlessly through this sight for a good two hours...I want to overhaul my apartment.

home of cheri messerli - stylist and illustrator; and david rager - graphic designer and musician - New York

leaving your mark

I think it's really classy to have calling cards. Not business cards, but a little card you can just give and say, "Here's my card, gimme a call sometime." (lol, because I meet so many people and really want to have phone conversations with them all!)
It would be nice to have these for the occasions you do meet people you want to keep in touch with. ;)


flaunt it if you got it

smart and stylish displays I would love to have and show off my bling in. ;)
{photo via koreana}
{photo via martha stewart}

{photo via Domino}


L'Wren Scott

For sure my fav. from NY fashion week.

my, oh my

ok, excuses excuses; I have plenty of really good reasons I haven't been posting but won't go on...
anyways, check out this cool site. real people, real fashion, real neat!