cute overload

ok, obviously my my blog life was not complete; i only just realized this after i found the blog, cute overload through martha's blog. i love animals, so much so that i do not have any....doesn't make sense does it? i had the most wonderful and adorable guinea pig, isobel, and when she passed, i was so distraught. i get very emotional over animals so until someone discovers how to make pets live forever and be healthy, i will be on this site loving the cute animals i see. :)

this is what isobel used to look like as well when i gave her the dreaded bath.

"no, fer reals?!"

i love red pandas :)


Joe said...

I want another guinea pig/furry hovercraft!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I totes thought the entire world knew about Cute Overland already. I would have linked you a long time ago if I had known that was not the case!

Going there always makes me want to have my own cute zoo.

By the way, I must inform you...I feel like you are now hanging out with me in my family room once a week because the girl that plays Silver on the new 90210 is like a spitting GORGEOUS image of you. I swear, the resemblance is uncanny.

So it is actually awesome 'cause it's like, OH HEY KRISTA, sup.

- C

Anonymous said...

Overland? Durrr. I am on crack and type far too quickly.

- Cx2