the life

welcome to the hotel and perfumery of nicolas malleville and francesca bonato, located in tulum & talladolid, mexico. stunning to say the least.
i wish i was living here, maybe i should move there today...good bye freezing cold montreal ;)
//images via the selby//

oh, martha!

ok, i absolutely adore martha stewart. say what you will but i love the things she does; she's crafty, knows how to make a house a home, loves animals, wants to teach people what she knows and really does try to make a difference in the world. i wasn't able to watch this episode of her show (i don't have tivo or a tvr thingy) so i checked in with her blog to get the scoop and this particular one had me cracking up! she had snoop dogg on to show her how to make his mum's recipe for mashed potatoes and here is what she took away from interview she had with him:"...And then yesterday, the multi-platinum rap artist, Snoop Dogg, appeared on my television show and taught me some of his very own language called Snoop-guistics. He and his posse add ‘izzles’ onto the ends of words. It’s kind of a code, or a way of communicating so that others won’t know what they’re talking about. Example: fo shizzle is how they say, for sure. Snoop Dogg also shared –

Crack-a-lackin – means get something poppin
Chuuuch – means take God everywhere you go and everything will be all right
All hood – means good
Ball til ya fall – get as much money as you can before you die..."

//image via the martha blog//


next spring is going to be about big bold accessories (when isn't it all about the big accessories?) and tribal seems to be the theme, but i think i want to start wearing this collection right now.
i love these pieces from missoma. the designs are inspired by apache indian tribal motifs and organic forms. i was drawn to the colours of the stones and i'm really into gold right now, even though they're saying silver is the new gold because it's cheaper. (i just think it looks so nice with everything!)

Missoma Stud ring with Chrsysoprase Cabouchon

Missoma Apache necklace

Missoma Apache earrings Missoma Apache earrings

//images via british vogue//

hee hee, made my day

ok, so I know it's not really him, probably an assistant or something, but it was still a neat email to get :)

rings and things

came across the site, the three graces, today while doing some research....a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
i love antique jewellery and even covet the baubles of my grandmother, and sometimes i am fortunate enough that she bestows a treasure from her decadent vintage collection upon me.
this site features antique pieces from the victorian era to art deco to modernist. my favorite things are the rings! it's also neat for someone looking for antique engagement rings because they are all so unique.


i wonder what the outcome will be....

"let the issues be the issue"

{image via guanabee}

been so busy...

i have been neglectful and have not posted in soooo long. i am furiously working towards a chic interior at home and been bogged down by the dreaded day job (lol).
i am itching to post very soon, please bear with me.

in the meantime, give someone you care about a hug, chances are they need it. xo {image via cute overload}


soia & kyo

i was fortunate enough to snag an invite to the s/s 09 show for soia & kyo. cool show, though it's unfair to get excited about light spring jackets when the harshness of winter is looming....anyways, i enjoyed it. i saw some really nice leather jackets which is something to look forward to and the colours were perfect for spring. also, lots of cropped sleeves which i adore for warmer seasons...can't wait!
sorry for the bad photos, i was too busy watching the clothes!



so, we are waiting impatiently for our lola sofa to arrive....still waiting. in all fairness, it is being handmade to our specifications in vancouver, so it being a truly canadian product makes me exceptionally happy. though, 8 weeks is a painfully long time to wait especially when your trusty futon from your bygone "student" days is suffering so very badly :(
we've also got the re-decorating bug and i have come across some things that would make lola feel more at home.....

here is our couch,sorta (we have dark wooden legs and it's a darker gray)

and i'm thinking cushions with this fabric from daisyjanie would look smart

i also found this wooden table on etsy that i think would look really spiffy with the new addition



had fantastic weekend, i made thanksgiving dinner for the fotheringham clan and feasted something fierce! some food was experimental (asparagus with almond sauce, buttered spaghetti squash with parmesan cheese), but i think i have found my classics. i found a recipe for sausage stuffing that i have made two years in a row and i think is super yummy. i made my favorite side, cranberry sauce with bright, beautiful fresh cranberries and dark brown sugar; i'm doing it this way from now on, no more frozen cranberries and white sugar! joe's mum baked a scrumptious pumpkin pie, we still have leftovers that I am savouring.

anyways, weren't able to make to les vergers lafrance to pick apples this year, but found some crazy/cute pumpkins at the atwater market :) we had a mini carving contest, and it was tough to pick a winner so everybody won for good spirit!

I even made a centre piece, martha stewart would be proud, and the food looked good (although my marshmallows for the sweet potatoes weren't browned due to poor time management on my part, oops)

lol, unfortunately the spaghetti squash was not my favorite....

joe, setting the mood with our makeshift "chandelier"

the pumpkin carving competition was heating up....

the scary finished products. of course, no templates were used in the creation of these jack-o-lanterns, lol ;)

lou and lee

happiness is: new headbands form lou and lee. so pretty.

i heart you

such a cute idea. i'm for sure getting one of these shirts from Dahl + Dane = True Love Always for myself, with the name of my beloved, mr. f {le sigh}. i just like how there are different shirt styles and colours. there are even organic options and their dyes are waterbased, so good for your heart and good for mama - the design duo are an adorable couple, Dahl and Dale. Dahl (Alison Kelly) designs clothes and is from project runway fame and Dale is from the band salt and samovar.

i'm home!

being in the dominican republic was amazing and sunny and hot. had a blast but so happy to be back in my home and getting ready to make my thanksgiving feast.....



i'll be away on vacation for the next week, yay! we're heading south to soak up some sun and get our snorkel on. enjoy your week end though and hope the weather is nice wherever you are.


{let it be known, "anonymous", it breaks my heart that you will not be with us on this trip :( perhaps we need to start some planning for the very near future...}


cute overload

ok, obviously my my blog life was not complete; i only just realized this after i found the blog, cute overload through martha's blog. i love animals, so much so that i do not have any....doesn't make sense does it? i had the most wonderful and adorable guinea pig, isobel, and when she passed, i was so distraught. i get very emotional over animals so until someone discovers how to make pets live forever and be healthy, i will be on this site loving the cute animals i see. :)

this is what isobel used to look like as well when i gave her the dreaded bath.

"no, fer reals?!"

i love red pandas :)


joyeux anniversaire à moi!

it's my b-day tomorrow so i'm thinking this will be a lovely weekend. enjoy yours as well. :){photo via 20X200}