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came across the site, the three graces, today while doing some research....a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
i love antique jewellery and even covet the baubles of my grandmother, and sometimes i am fortunate enough that she bestows a treasure from her decadent vintage collection upon me.
this site features antique pieces from the victorian era to art deco to modernist. my favorite things are the rings! it's also neat for someone looking for antique engagement rings because they are all so unique.


citysage said...

Hi Krista---just discovered your blog and I love it! And I'm so flattered to be on your blogroll ;)

I always love running into fellow Canadians, too! My high school sweetheart went to McGill and I used to go visit him all the time...Montreal style is the best in Canada. When we finally broke up, it was the shopping trips to Montreal that I missed most of all!

Anne @ The City Sage

Anonymous said...

Um, I am kind of in love with some of those rings.

- C