i love a.ok (oak nyc) because they have some amazing pieces with even nicer price tags.

this bag is such a basic item but done really nicely. i've been searching for a travel bag this size forever but it's the simplicity of this one that i like.

a.ok black army canvas bag $45


made some very satisfying purchases as of late, one is on my person right now and the other i am anxiously awaiting delivery of!

i bought these modern vintage "janet" riding boots recently (actually, mine are a more faded brown) for a steal! finally, end of winter sales are good this year. these boots are the beginning of a departure for me, i only own black or gray boots and heels and maybe one pair of coloured flats. i'm introducing this earth tone to my drab existence and maybe a new me will emerge this spring.

second thing i am so excited about is mr. kate bow ring! eek, can't wait for this little gem to pop up in my deliveries within 2-4 weeks.



loving the new spring '10 lookbook from aritzia.

i adore the talula babaton trench coat! everywhere i look there seems to be all these amazing trench coats. there was a time i thought only a burberry would suffice, but lately i have seen a lot of stylish trenches with immaculate quality that have a look that i gravitate towards more so than the berry.

some shots from the aritizia lookbook:

first look: jpg for target

i really wish target was here in canada, but even if it were i bet it would be lame and not even offer the new jean paul gautier line for target. i love all of it, the designs vary so much in design which i like in a target collab, so it offers something to everyone's tastes.

does anyone of my us readers want to send the $40 (!!!) trench coat my way?

//images via refinery 29//

bringin' it back?

only need supply co. would make me want a fanny pack so bad.

//spell/belt on sale for $129//

aa revisited

i'm not a huge fan of american apparel and though i want to shop there because of all that non sweat shop produced goodness they churn out, i'm just a little creeped out by their "image" (you know what i'm talking about, you've seen their ads).
however, they may have me wandering their shops once more because i love the nail polishes they came out with! I picked up "factory gray" and couldn't be happier. if you know me you know i loves me some gray. i'm also going back for more because they also sell them for a steal, $18 for 3. I'm loving "office", a minty green (inspired by an accounting notepad used at their dtla head office) and "dynasty", a light lilac.
and get this, not only are they formaldehyde free (yay!) but the bottles are filled by a 91-year-old lady from NYC and not some poor child working for pennies a day. look good, feel good.