next spring is going to be about big bold accessories (when isn't it all about the big accessories?) and tribal seems to be the theme, but i think i want to start wearing this collection right now.
i love these pieces from missoma. the designs are inspired by apache indian tribal motifs and organic forms. i was drawn to the colours of the stones and i'm really into gold right now, even though they're saying silver is the new gold because it's cheaper. (i just think it looks so nice with everything!)

Missoma Stud ring with Chrsysoprase Cabouchon

Missoma Apache necklace

Missoma Apache earrings Missoma Apache earrings

//images via british vogue//

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citysage said...

Wow. That first ring is absolutely breathtaking. The studs are so tough and the creamy stone is so sweet---what a great contrast! Plus the warm gold against the green is to die for.

You know how sometimes cosmetics companies will send free samples in the mail to get you to try their stuff? I totally think jewelry companies should do the same ;) I would absolutely put myself on that mailing list...