had fantastic weekend, i made thanksgiving dinner for the fotheringham clan and feasted something fierce! some food was experimental (asparagus with almond sauce, buttered spaghetti squash with parmesan cheese), but i think i have found my classics. i found a recipe for sausage stuffing that i have made two years in a row and i think is super yummy. i made my favorite side, cranberry sauce with bright, beautiful fresh cranberries and dark brown sugar; i'm doing it this way from now on, no more frozen cranberries and white sugar! joe's mum baked a scrumptious pumpkin pie, we still have leftovers that I am savouring.

anyways, weren't able to make to les vergers lafrance to pick apples this year, but found some crazy/cute pumpkins at the atwater market :) we had a mini carving contest, and it was tough to pick a winner so everybody won for good spirit!

I even made a centre piece, martha stewart would be proud, and the food looked good (although my marshmallows for the sweet potatoes weren't browned due to poor time management on my part, oops)

lol, unfortunately the spaghetti squash was not my favorite....

joe, setting the mood with our makeshift "chandelier"

the pumpkin carving competition was heating up....

the scary finished products. of course, no templates were used in the creation of these jack-o-lanterns, lol ;)

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bandelle said...

Oh, what a delicious dinner! And yes, Martha Stewart would be very proud.

Thanks for the S&K site. We're still in tank tops down here but now I kind of wish that it will get cooler for one of those coats.