miss me?

ok, so i have been MIA for AGES. i have no excuses, i am only human and sometimes my life takes over or i have no time to observe the inspirational things that surround me.

alas, i will jump right back into the swing of things, hopefully without harsh criticism from you lovelies. *blush*

first, an update about my holiday; fantastic :)
here is our gingerbread house, yummy.
lot's of lovely gifting and i got all i could ask for and more.
winter has been tres depressing and all i want to do is sleep and watch all my fav. programs back to back. (30 rock is keeping me very occupied right now)

also, online shopping is my weakness; check out this fantastic "market bag" i just bought from moop:
love love love! (the 2 week waiting time is going to be difficult.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Me likey the bag.

And me likey you blogging again.

- C