random but deadly post

k, i'm trying to keep this blog sorta focused on whatever it is im focusing it on, but basically i am trying to stay away from random posts about things that only make sense/interest myself. but then, this morning i was just doin' ma thang, checking my google reader like i do every morning before i head off to work, la la la and POW i come across this little nugget of a post and followed the source link to these audacious photos. who would do something like this so early in the morning?!

please be warned, i nearly choked on my cheerios when i saw these photos. they are graphic.

his name is eames, and i need to find his little brothers or sisters asap. everyone needs this cuteness in their lives.
{via the blah, blah, blahg and flickr)

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AnCi said...

Wooow :) he is soooo cute! I want to get one too :)