it's been super icky most of the time i've been here, i've had to run from place to place under an umbrella. i will not let that discourage me from thinking this is a spectacular place that has a very different climate than montreal...i hope.
apartment hunting has been....interesting. it's a little bit of a culture shock in terms of what kind of a living space our money will get us. we have been very spoiled living montreal and paying the very little amount of rent we have been, that is for sure. oh well, we will make the best of it and make sure we find a place we feel comfortable in and in an area that lets us appreciate the city. i have had fun exploring and seeing the city and know that it will be a fun new adventure living here. all is well and here is to new beginnings.


Nina said...

DID you move to Boston?? Cool!! Have fun!

Megan Abigail Chandler said...

I adore Boston!!! And these pictures ... great vintage look!