a dance for one

wish i were a ballerina....

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it's been super icky most of the time i've been here, i've had to run from place to place under an umbrella. i will not let that discourage me from thinking this is a spectacular place that has a very different climate than montreal...i hope.
apartment hunting has been....interesting. it's a little bit of a culture shock in terms of what kind of a living space our money will get us. we have been very spoiled living montreal and paying the very little amount of rent we have been, that is for sure. oh well, we will make the best of it and make sure we find a place we feel comfortable in and in an area that lets us appreciate the city. i have had fun exploring and seeing the city and know that it will be a fun new adventure living here. all is well and here is to new beginnings.


came across this amazing brand and i automatically thought their designs were so pretty but when i read about the designers and the brand's philosophy and that's when i fell in love. their brand statement is simple: "bario-neal is handcrafted in philadelphia with reclaimed precious metal, ethically-sourced stones, and low-impact, environmentally conscious practices."
all of the jewelry hand made and uses 100% reclaimed metals where possible, the diamonds come from canada where they are ethically sourced and they work with a local, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization called the tanzania women miner's association (tawoma) to source coloured gemstones. 
anyways, so many good things they do besides producing really lovely pieces of jewelry, read about all their efforts here
i just really love the fluidity and organic feel of all the pieces and the knot ring is so simple and cute!


back behind the bench

so, there are some things changing in my life. geographically, career-ally and mentally. i'm re focusing on things that me feel complete and going back to my roots. i'm really looking forward to starting back up with designing and making jewelry because it's what i've always gotten the most pleasure out of in anything i've done career-wise. i'm working on a new collection and can't wait to share.
oh, and i'm moving to boston, did i not mention that? yep, i'm leaving the wonderful city that is montreal for a little taste of new england life. i think this geographical change helped me make the change i'm hoping to make and with where i see myself in 5 years.
anyways, here's to change. xo