i have a confession...

ok, I have been dying to talk about how excited I am that The Hills is back. I was giddy when I watched the premiere on Monday! I wanted to do a little recap of my own, but I found this overview over at I Heart you and it was as hilarious as all the hilarity that IS The Hills, love it!
It's even made of how Lauren's high school fling , Doug (who she's on a date with after not seeing him since high school), asks her, "What have you been up to for the past four years?". Like, for real? He's asking her this like she hasn't had a camera following her around taping her for an MTV REALITY show. Buddy, order the box set of season 1, 2, & 3 and get up to speed! lol, precious.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Love that recap, she said everything I thought. And yay for the new season...our Monday nights have purpose again!

PS: Although I do wish people would stop killing my vibe by informing me that I am watching "some fake ass shit" in some highly authoritative tone of voice like they've just been the first person to tell me that a cure for cancer has been found.

- C