it's been so long :(

I haven't been posting in a while and I don't really have an explanation...I just got caught up in life.
For now, I'm posting a print from William Crump that I think is refreshing and inspiring.
{image via 20X200}

I am working on things I want to share with you very shortly ;)



I really want a holga camera....
{image via}

{Images via frank zimmerman}


{image via wikipedia}


Artist Elsa Mora's whimsical Papercut designs. {Check out her shop here}

it's a girl thing...

I received my new Domino mag. and after reading the little spread about vanities, fell in love. I want one! Don't know how the mr. would feel about it in our way open open-concept pad that we are trying to keep gender neutral, but I think I need to find a way to work one into our boudoir.

These were my favorites, probably because they are so girly, and jewellery laden.....
{photos via Domino Magazine}


i have a confession...

ok, I have been dying to talk about how excited I am that The Hills is back. I was giddy when I watched the premiere on Monday! I wanted to do a little recap of my own, but I found this overview over at I Heart you and it was as hilarious as all the hilarity that IS The Hills, love it!
It's even made of how Lauren's high school fling , Doug (who she's on a date with after not seeing him since high school), asks her, "What have you been up to for the past four years?". Like, for real? He's asking her this like she hasn't had a camera following her around taping her for an MTV REALITY show. Buddy, order the box set of season 1, 2, & 3 and get up to speed! lol, precious.


stamps & tags

Beautifully illustrated stamps from present&correct as well as cute gift tags, sorry but I have christmas gifts on my mind and am searching for ideas....sad.

something to celebrate

I know I'm not getting married anytime soon, but how amazingly beautiful are these invitations from kenzieKate?! I want to have a bunch of parties just to send these out, I mean it's important to celebrate occasions such as paying off my Visa, right?

lille {a shop} is so much fun to shop on! It's full of eye candy and showcases work from the likes of Lisa Neimeth, Melissa Joy Manning and Kiln Enamel just to name a few.

My fav. piece; Hand embroidered and beaded turquoise and crystal necklace. Designed by Dori Csengeri from Tel Aviv. Stunning, I think his craftsmanship is like none other.

This beautiful decorative plate also caught my eye, among tonnes of other gorgeous plates and tableware. Designed by John Derian, an avid collector of antique fruit, flower and animal prints, hand-paints borders over centuries-old ledgers and letters.

wilderness {with pictures}

Our camping weekend went off without a hitch, although it went by so fast. Lot's of yummy food and fresh air. My mum and sister made the trek in their little boler and it looked adorable.
Here are just a couple of pictures:


my new obsession...

I'm gonna do it, I am going to take up sewing again! (Hopefully.)
This is new to my "wishlist":



We're going camping with my mum and little sis this weekend, and really roughing it. Nicolle just emailed me to say she's excited about the hot tub and the hay ride because it's western weekend at the campsite, I'm talking about bare wilderness here! lol. (I'll put pictures up after the weekend.)
While I'm away, check out some of the new stuff in my etsy shop!


my lunch time adventure

I went aaallll the way down to the old port (lol) today to see Mr. Fotheringham and had lunch with him, it was fun. I took some photos of my mid-day adventure!

today is a good day :)

There are two things I'm really happy about today; H&M is opening on St. Catherines st., WOO HOO!!! I have been desperately waiting for a downtown H&M in Montreal since they opened too many out in suburbia, out of reach from all of us urbanites.

Ok, so the second thing I'm really happy about is my showcase on Etsy, yay! Here it is, stop by the shop when you get a chance. xo


matthew williamson, *le sigh*

I get such a warm feeling from the clothes Williamson makes, his prints are amazing and the silhouettes are something I can for sure wear. I love his work for Pucci and especially am loving this Fall/Winter collection from his own label, if only I had the champagne budget to drown myself in his clothing. I need these clothes, I need the whole collection!!!! (Minus the furry stuff because, ethically, I cannot call that fashion.)

a little token of my affection

I made this over the week end because I had made this pendant a long time ago and I really wanted to use my letter punches, 'nuff said.


striking a pose

My wonderfully adorable friend Kelly agreed to be the model for my new etsy shop photos, so happy! I want to have her model for me always but she's moving back to Toronto, this makes me sad. :(
I'm very novice at this so I think they turned out the best way possible at the hands of yours truly! Check out all the cute photos here.
You're the BEST, Kelly!


tgif xo

geeking out over fabric!

I just bought some fabric and I am over the moon!!!! I cannot, repeat CANNOT wait to get it! I have some tentative plans for it; I'm thinking about Christmas gifts and I'm attempting to make some goodies for the loved ones in my life. I'm thinking bedding and maybe an ornamental something or other, I am just swimming in the possibilities! (lol, I even know geeky this all sounds.)

my top 5-beauty products

I love make-up, here are the products I'm loving right now:

5. Cover Girl Clean Make-up-I believe in classics and this stuff has been with me forever! I still use it in the summer because it's light and the smell brings back such good memories.
4. Rimmel Glameyes Mascara-I just bought this and am thoroughly impressed. :) It goes on super smooth and really adds length.
3. Bourjois-I'm actually grouping a few things together here; the bronzing powder they make is fantastic! It gives just the right colour for my skin tone and smells like chocolate. I also bought the little bronzing brush that goes with it and it's the perfect size. I'm also loving their "Brun" wet/dry eyeshadow, it's really natual looking and doesn't crease. (I also have a little confession to make; I really love these products because Bourjois is owned by Chanel and I'm conviced it's the same product a quarter of the price!)
2. Estée Lauder High Gloss in "Honey"-I like wearing this gloss because it's not too sticky and doesn't feel "cakey" after I've had it on for a while, it also really smells/tastes like honey, yum.
1. NARS Blush in "Orgasm"-There's no need to explain, this stuff is the best. I don't go a day without putting it on (as well as mascara). I'm very fair skinned and it makes me look like I have some life in me, not like I'm wearing blush!



Hasbro is celebrating My Little Pony's 25th anniversary with the "My little Pony Project" where 25 artists design a Pony. The project is to raise funds for "Give Kids the World Village" and each Pony is auctioned off for the charity.
On the site there is only a taste of what has been created; I like the one by Catalina Estrada the most. xo