new purchase

I'm so excited; I just bought this uber adorable headband on etsy from lou and lee. I can't wait until it gets here!


jesse said...

Hey Krista,

I really like your site and I think that you would be great for a campaign I'm working on for a word of mouth marketing company called Matchstick.

Basically what Matchstick does is put products in the hands of people who are most likely to talk about them, especially online.

The campaign I'm working on at the moment is for women's beauty item. If you qualify, you would be receiving a fun gift pack of a value of about $50.

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in.


Jesse Ship

augustmarie said...

I like your blog too! I just ran across it and it's so cute! Isn't Etsy the bomb? It scares me how obsessed I am with it now. Love.
Hope all is well!

augustmarie said...

ps: cute freakin' headband