weekend fun

We had a really lazy weekend but managed to get out of the house a little, enough to have a few drinks and gamble. ;)

Fri. was our firend's birthday and so we headed out to hang with the crew.
Then, Saturday we had the idea we would go to the Casino de Montreal! I went with $15 and lost it on the quarter slot machines but it was good fun. Joe went in with $20 and almost came out with winning something like $15 but we went and lost it again, fun! As you can assume, we are a very big deal in that casino, we have a special VIP area for us near the five cent machines, lol.
Then at 2am we were starving so we had super yummy pizza. (Sorry about the mushrooms, Joe.)

So these pics are taken with my new camera and as you can see, I'm still trying to figure out some of the settings, or maybe I need to not drink when I'm trying to capture moments, ha ha.

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