Because I love to make lists for pretty much everything in my life, I have this one going of things I want to buy. I only do this because I love to shop and I tend to spend a lot of my money on useless stuff, but if I write down the things I really want and only focus on buying those, I don't waste my hard earned $$ and I'm much more satisfied with my purchases. (I hope this makes some sense and I don't sound like a crazy shopaholic!)

My wishlist:


nanootz said...

You have to go to hawaii to buy pearls!! I brought back tons of them. 60" strands of fresh water pearls for $12 but you can negotiate...i got them for $10!! I love hawaii!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your wishlist is lust-worthy. I covet each item.

But tell Joe that I have an iPod touch and it is quite offended that he thinks it is silly. In fact, it just communicated its frustrations to me right now and I'm afraid there will be a Joe vs. [unnamed iPod] showdown the next time we get together.

Tell him to be prepared. Nunchucks are recommended.

- C