my showcase

I cleaned out the display case where I keep my astrik jewellery and it looked lovely, so I took some pictures and wanted to share....

summer lovin'

So these are my colours of summer. The picture really just does not give justice to how neon these colours really are, seriously they are so bright and I love 'em. xo


my bakery

lol, ok I don't make cupcakes or cookies here but I do make a type of sweet delight; my jewellery! This is where I toil away and Joe actually made me this bench with his Dad as a Christmas gift one year, how amazing is that?!
It's in a great spot to be creative because it's right by the window and I'm like a plant in that I need sunlight for energy, or else I just want to sleep. I also have a sort of "inspiration board" thing going where I just put up random things that I like or inspire my thought process. I like to put my ticket stubs from shows we've seen or the Operas Joe has taken me to as well as the little drawings I've done.


new purchase

I'm so excited; I just bought this uber adorable headband on etsy from lou and lee. I can't wait until it gets here!


way cool

I love this wall mounting designed by Vanessa Hannen which was made to be a display for jewellery and accessories. It doesn't use electricity but creates an "aura" by reflecting the light in it's cool!


Just adding a little bit of adorable to your day. xo


My mum, such a cute kid!

loves it

I absolutely loved Back to the Future as a kid and if I were rich I would snap this actual Hover Board movie prop up in a second, it's a steal with a starting bid of $30 000! (The hoverboard was the coolest thing about the movies, as well as his awesome "futuristic" shoes!)

weekend fun

We had a really lazy weekend but managed to get out of the house a little, enough to have a few drinks and gamble. ;)

Fri. was our firend's birthday and so we headed out to hang with the crew.
Then, Saturday we had the idea we would go to the Casino de Montreal! I went with $15 and lost it on the quarter slot machines but it was good fun. Joe went in with $20 and almost came out with winning something like $15 but we went and lost it again, fun! As you can assume, we are a very big deal in that casino, we have a special VIP area for us near the five cent machines, lol.
Then at 2am we were starving so we had super yummy pizza. (Sorry about the mushrooms, Joe.)

So these pics are taken with my new camera and as you can see, I'm still trying to figure out some of the settings, or maybe I need to not drink when I'm trying to capture moments, ha ha.


new camera!

I haven't taken many pictures with it yet, but I am sooo happy! It's adorable, je t'aime.


This is my crazy little sister. I love her to bits and she is the sweetest, funniest eight year old kid I know. She adores Joe and breaks my heart every time I call and she says how much she misses me and asks when we'll get to see each other next. The thing that I love the most about her is that she is so affectionate and is always giving kisses and telling me she loves me, our little pookie is the best. xo
(In these pics she was doing this thing where everytime we would try to take her picture, she would close her're for sure an original and love the headband kiddo.)

and here are some from when she was around 4 or 5 yrs old, such a ham...

i heart bags xo

So, I was really hesitant to put down the $$ for this bag at first, but I am so glad I did and don't regret it one bit!
Though I love my Marc Jacobs to bits because it's classic, I really needed a black bag.
This is my new Badgley Mischka bag, the latest addition to the bag family:


Because I love to make lists for pretty much everything in my life, I have this one going of things I want to buy. I only do this because I love to shop and I tend to spend a lot of my money on useless stuff, but if I write down the things I really want and only focus on buying those, I don't waste my hard earned $$ and I'm much more satisfied with my purchases. (I hope this makes some sense and I don't sound like a crazy shopaholic!)

My wishlist:

big sis, little sis

me and melissa, oh so young....


So we've been going to quite a few weddings lately, I guess we're at that age when "everyone's doing it". Here are photos from a couple we've attended recently...

This is the wedding of Joe's best friend Matt and Karina. It was in Florida which was an added bonus. Joe was a groomsman, isn't he handsome?

This is my good friend Nina's wedding, so much fun!
Joe looked really good in his new Paul Smith suit and Gucci shoes, yum-o!


These are old, I know, but everytime I look at these pictures I feel really accomplished and safe knowing I can cook holiday feasts should Joe and I ever have to do this on our own. (Well, I'm not sure who would do all the icky things with the turkey...) :)

Joe's parents were down and his mum helped me with the turkey, I've never had to cook something so big.

It was so delicious and I can't wait to do it again!

Earlier in the day we had gone apple picking, though we ate more whilst doing so than we actually took home, lol.


This is my wonderfully glamourus Babi (Grandma to all you non Czech people,lol); to this day she is every bit the glamorous woman I see in old photos like this one.


I was going through my photos and found these beautiful moments.
I was in scotland with Joe (he lived in Scotland as a little boy) and we took a walk through the Highlands to his ancient family of the Fotheringhams' castle.(Actually they have two and this was the smaller one.)
I just thought these were such mysterious and lovely pictures.

(this is the smaller "look out" castle)

these are the people responsible for me being me...

mum and dad. xo.


astrik is on etsy!

this is what i love...

I studied Jewellery Design and am still working on my own line called "astrik".
Here are some photos of my work, if you want to purchase, please visit: xo


Here is the boy of my dreams, Joe. He makes me laugh and I can't even tell you why.

first post

I have become enamored by some really fantastic blogs I have come across and want to partake in the fun...
(this picture is of my littlest sister, Nicolle and my other sister, Melissa is in the back)